Happy Birthday

Well, it's been 11 days late to post, but I post it anyway.

Been a great journey with you; every second of it was amazed me. Months are passed, hence my love getting bigger and bigger despite a lot of fights and disappointments. Been a great journey with you, and nothing else matter for me. It amazed me; how this thing could ever work out.

There, eleven days ago was your special day. You may think that it wasn't really special, or perhaps you think that I forgot that day. Hey, you turned 21! I was so happy for you! God has been so good to you that you're now 21 years old and currently being an undergraduate student.

There, your journey will getting bigger and harder. I believe you are ready for whatever comes on your way later. Watch yourself out, have a good and sincere company so that you can be whoever you are and share anything you want to share. Take a look a little further, dear. Have yourself lost somewhere you don't know. Get drunk. Be happy. Love hard.

I think there is no proper happy birthday now since you're so good and lovable person I've ever met. This posting should be all I could ever give to you. And that notebook, of course. And that seven special days accompany. Happy birthday, love. I wish I could give you more. Happy, happy birthday! :)

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Halo, birka!
Selamat ulang tahun lebih sebelas hari!
Maaf sudah menjadi pribadi yang menjengkelkan beberapa bulan ini. Tentu saja aku pernah membuat kamu marah, kecewa. Katakanlah aku memang egois, paling tidak aku berusaha supaya apa yang aku berikan adalah yang terbaik versiku.
Maaf sudah menjadi pribadi yang merepotkan dan membuatmu khawatir terus menerus.
Selamat ulang tahun lebih sebelas hari! Semoga kamu semakin tangguh dan kuat. Semoga kamu menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik kedepannya.
ik hou van jou.

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