Goodbye, and Hello

Well, been so long since the last time I blog. Anyway, hello! How's life, babe?

It's 1 A.M and here I am, sitting next to my room's window, wondering if I can just slowly disappear like I used to be.

I remember the really first time I blog, and my first ever post, with a super bad English and wishing that someone would just simply scroll it down and never ever mention my bad grammar like frikin seriously I wasn't this good. I remember how it felt to write something that maybe, some other thought that it was just a writing. But not for me.

Then, what kind of story I should post tonight, by the way? Ah! I know. I'd just simply posted something that I used to say to Endra. That will be better anyway since I consider myself as a lucky bastard who win every fucking game I want to play.

You didn't love her. You just didn't want to be alone. Or maybe, maybe she was just good for your ego. Or, or she made you felt so good with your miserable life. But you didn't love her. Because you don't destroy people you love the most.
- Grey's Anatomy 

Exciting? No. I just broke up. Like yes, it's not the really first post where I mention myself as an epic fail partner, yes? But it might be the best. I'm sure it is. Because we both getting better and better walking in a different path. And yes, why not be happy anyway? I found someone else that makes me happy a lot, that will simply call me when I need someone to talk to, someone who listen. And him? He found someone better too, that will always watched him the way I couldn't be. A girl that maybe fall for him over years and years and years. I'm glad!

Finally, it came to an end that we both (not we both, I myself) decided to end this fail relationship. We both tired and we both couldn't even save our commitment. That was fine. Because the most important thing right now is we both happy in our own way. That's good. That's better.

And by the way,
Dear you, Hamka. Thank you, for being my wonderwall. I don't even know either you read this post or not but, thank you. Like I always say, thank you for accepting someone who think that she is worthless. Thank you for supporting me whatever happen. Thank you for giving in when my ego get its best. Thank you for loving me as who I am, who I was and who I will be. I never want to grow old with you. I mean, why should we? Let's grow young together instead!


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