Why Not?

I remember, once, someone said that love is the only thing we could hold when life seemed so miserably unfair and utterly sucks.
Yes, that was just so true.

I once that broken-hearted little girl,
sitting next to the empty room,
trying to figure things up,

Where was anybody?
Where were you?

It was so empty,
I was a dead person walking around the city,
hoping that someone would saw me,
and just sat next to me,
with a cup of cold and bare coffee.
I was so numb.

And then,
I met this boy,
With his dark-brown eyes,
and black hair,
with a nice smile–the nicest smile I've ever seen.

Oh this boy,
he asked me to stay.
Oh this boy,
he was staring at me,
with that fierce stare ever.
He asked me to dance with him,
And I said,
"why not?"

Until now, we are holding each other,
hoping that our love will last.
Yes, I'm a fucked up kid, with a miserable life.
And you just saved me.
Thank you, for loving me.

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