Here, let me introduce myself.
Me? I'm the most miserable person in the world.
My name? I think you can call me 'no one.'
Despite, life treated me like I was a princess.

I want to tell you a story,
about a person, who are so acceptable,
yet she can't even define herself.
She put herself into a lethal failure.
Another story, about a long journey she had been through the whole years.

There, she put a high expectation for herself in a blank canvas.
Where she thought that someone would just accepted her as who she was.
And here is the epic ending,
she is now nothing.

A broken pieces of futile human-being;
there you go, another desperation.
But yes, nobody wants to understand.
No one help.

A perfect getaway?
Perhaps, she has to let her dream goes away.
And start her life once again,
find another piece of happiness that, I don't know,
either it lost or just taken away from her.

There are nothing left, between her and her stories.
She burned her memories.
And let it turned to be ashes.
Disappearing as if it was worthless.
And now,
She walks. All by herself.

The End.

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