First Introduction


So basically, my post today is going to be me, describing me, and telling you every little aspect of me.

It's Ezy, well at least people used to call me Ezy back then when I was in high school and I actually kinda like that nick name rather than mine now, but that's okay anyway. I'm 21 years old. Born and raised here in Surabaya and I love this city more than you've ever known. Currently being an undergraduate student majoring cultural & social anthropology. I'm desperately in love with music, especially alt-rock, shoegaze and metal. I spend most of my spare time DIY-ing and playing guitar, or just reading books. Oh! And I also a movie enthusiast. I also have a great family and a lovable boyfriend. I am surrounded by great peoples who have big hearts and great mind. I am so proud with all of them.

My friends mostly say that I'm not like another. Such a one of a kind. I am not a kind of person who do make-ups everyday, go shopping with girls, do spa and stuffs related with it. I consider myself as a person who love to be smart rather than beautiful. I travel a lot. I spend most of my time wondering and wandering; wondering about what is really going on, and wandering to place I've never been into. I met a lot of cool people. Some of them basically do travel for living, some of them are surfers, divers. I learn a lot from them.

And also, I have a plan; do a hitch hiking around Java. You guys want to come? Mail me! I'd love to have a person to share the beauty of Java itself.

I think that's all about me, for another deep talk, you can just simply contact me.

Cila, or Ezy x

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