Movie Review: Room (2015)

Sorry for a super late posting. I know, I should post something yesterday at first of February, which was Monday and based on my new schedule I should post something about book, maybe a review or a what-to-read-for-February list but I was so tired yesterday since I just got back home from Bali for a research and you have to know that I brought 2 backpack; the small one is about 4 pounds and the big one is about 11 pound. And I had to walk from the bus station to home and it was maybe 3 miles. You can see from here that I was suffering, and tired. And that is my excuse for not posting yesterday.

So today, I'm going to post a review that very appealing, well at least for me. It's Room, which is directed by Lenny Abrahamson. This film is just undeniably breathtaking for a low-budget movie. The first time I saw it I was like, 'Oh my God, this is definitely a masterpiece for a low-budget movie,' and you will soon know why after you see the movie. It will bring you a lot of thrill, and a feeling you cannot imagine.

Room (2015)

| | Drama | 22 January 2016 (USA)

I will not spoil it anyway, not even a single word. The plot is brilliant, also the cinematography. You will definitely in love once you watch it. I'm going to tell you this, I give this film 8/10 at imdb.com. Please watch the trailer above, and tell me what do you really feel about the movie.

And by the way, I'm turning 21 last month! Super happy. Thanks for those who sent me birthday greeting. Glad to know you guys for my whole life.



Paskalis Damar said...

Love this movie, too! You should've reviewed it deeper... or possibly review more movies :)
Love this blog, too!



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